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Leading on net zero

Stakeholders rightly want to see WPD leading by example in the Net Zero transition, with ambitious Science Based Targets (SBTs) that go above and beyond those set by the UK government. Key to achieving this will be the reduction of emissions from WPD’s vehicle fleet and adopting electric vehicles, as well as reducing the number of miles travelled. As a priority, stakeholders expect WPD to increase the use of low-carbon energy at WPD properties and ensure buildings are carbon neutral ahead of government targets.

Not only must our own carbon footprint be a priority, our stakeholders have articulated the importance of improving the environmental impact of our operations. As a minimum, WPD must control gas leaks, as the potential impact is catastrophic, while eliminating the use of SF6 is also a priority. To future-proof the sustainability of our operations, stakeholders want to see WPD predict leaks wherever possible and replace ageing infrastructure, particularly oil-filled cables.

To reduce the environmental impact (including visual) of our network, the undergrounding of cables is a desired output. Stakeholders expect WPD to continue to invest in newer and more efficient equipment to reduce technical losses, and to address the amount of generated waste sent to landfill.

Our core commitments:

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