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We're looking to deliver a Business Plan that has been built with our stakeholders at every stage. Having sought and established the priorities and objectives you want us to deliver over the past 2 years, we are now seeking to ensure that what we heard from you is correct and that the draft business outputs we have created accurately capture what our stakeholders want - ahead of the first publication of our draft business plan in January 2021. 

Please take the time to view the short video below and the presentation for this priority from our November 2020 workshop events. A short survey will follow that will enable you to have your say. 

Thank you for your time and input. 


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Customer service

Providing excellent customer service has long been one of our main business objectives.

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One of the key roles for a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is to provide new connections and modify existing ones to our network. This might mean connecting a home, commercial property or a renewable energy source to our network.

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Network resilience

Network resilience means ensuring that our network can withstand extreme events such as storms and flooding and being able to recover quickly from widespread power black outs.

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Cyber resilience

Cyber resilience covers protecting Western Power and our assets against cyber attacks.

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