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How to respond

As set out in our ‘Have your say’ consultation document, there are 13 questions we would welcome your responses to. These questions essentially breakdown into three parts:

Questions 1-3 (based on the consultation document): We are seeking views on your priorities for WPD to deliver and whether our stakeholder engagement to date is reflective of your views

Questions 4-5 (based on the consultation document): We would like your feedback on WPD’s 67 proposed core commitments and any suggestions for alternatives

Questions 6-13 (based on the first draft Business Plan document): We welcome your views on the accessibility and affordability of the Plan, as well as questions relating specifically to our plans to deliver green, low carbon future. 

You can submit your answers to these three parts via the links below...

View the documents

Business Plan Consultation

This document is an accompanying consultation to our Plan, in which we are seeking your views in a number of key areas. 

Business Plan 2023 - 2028

This document is our first draft Business Plan for RIIO-ED2, which runs from 2023 to 2028.

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