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Superfast electricity consultation

The way that electricity is going to be used in the future is changing. The decarbonisation of heating and transport will create additional demands on our network. The electricity network needs to be ready to accept this additional demand. We build networks with a 50 year asset life so we’re taking steps now to ensure we build the right network to meet the demands of both our current and future customers. We are fully committed to building a network to support the move towards Net Zero.

This consultation looks at our proposal to make three phase service cables our standard service cable for all new connections.

Once you have read the document please fill in the online form below. 

WPD has led the industry in developing solutions to allow low carbon technologies to connect to our networks. We are keen to understand your views on our proposals for delivering a smarter, future proofed network and whether any aspects of these can be improved.

We want to hear your views on the proposals presented in this consultation. It is important that we get a broad range of stakeholders’ opinions and we are keen to get your feedback on the specific questions we have included throughout this consultation.

Have a question or feedback?

Have a question or feedback?