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Safety is our priority

In RIIO-ED1, we placed great emphasis on reducing the impact suffered by our customers as a result of power cuts and are committed to continuing with this focus in RIIO-ED2. While network reliability is important, staff, contractor and public safety remains our top priority.

Stakeholders continue to value network reliability as a key priority. In particular, keeping the lights on and providing quick restoration during power cuts is critical.

Stakeholders feel WPD service levels are currently very good, with the number of customers affected and duration of power cuts at their lowest ever levels. However, stakeholders have stated that WPD should seek continual improvement, aiming for further power cut reductions and reducing power cut duration.

Our stakeholders continue to place network reliability as a top priority. Power cuts cause inconvenience to businesses, services (such as hospitals) and domestic life. Such inconveniences have become amplified during the recent COVID lockdowns. That’s why we’re committed to making sure our network is reliable and that faults are resolved quickly.

Core commitments:

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