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Competition in Connections Group

The CiC group was formed at the end of 2017 in order to better facilitate the continued development of our Competition in Connection (CiC) services and to establish, ahead of need, enhancements to improve the CiC processes. 

The CiC Group Objectives: 

  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the WPD Competition in Connections service and plan for future developments 
  • Act as a source of and sounding board for new ideas 
  • Advise and draw attention to key issues of current or emerging CiC concerns 
  • Influence WPD’s strategic objectives and future plans for connection services 
  • Influence and feedback on WPD’s connections performance indicators 
  • Support and facilitate joint-working between WPD and CiC stakeholders 
  • Develop tactical solutions to issues identified where there is benefit to the wider CiC customer group 
  • Drive industry best practice

Previous Workshops




CIC Workshop

Prior to implementing the regular CIC Group meetings, we held a workshop to engage with CiC stakeholders and provide them an opportunity to tell us about their needs and their experience of working with us. The event provided a valuable input into our ICE Workplan to improve connection services in this sector, including an initiative to establish a regular event. The presentation and follow up report setting out the feedback, recommendations and areas identified for improvement are provided below.

To view the presentation from the workshop please click here.

To view the report from the day setting out feedback, recommendations and areas identified for improvement please click here.

Have a question or feedback?

Have a question or feedback?