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Connection Customer Steering Group (CCSG)

Connection Customer Steering Group 

The Connection Customers Steering Group (CCSG) has been held since 2013 to help inform and guide our strategy and decision. The CCSG is chaired by one of our Directors and is attended by connection stakeholders representing a cross-section of sectors. Each panel member represents their own views and those of their colleagues within their market segment(s).

The CCSG Objectives:

  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of WPD’s connections service and plans for future developments
  • Act as a source of and a sounding board for new ideas
  • Advise and draw attention to key issues of current or emerging connection customer concerns
  • Influence WPD’s strategic objectives and future plans for connections services
  • Influence and feedback on WPDs connections performance indicators
  • Support and facilitate joint-working between WPD and connections groups
  • Act as an arbiter for connections customers

The purpose of each of the three meetings throughout the year follows a standard cycle which includes, but is not limited to:


  • Present WPD's draft ICE Workplan proposals based on priorities identified at the end of the previous year
  • Ask stakeholders for comments that will be used to refine our thinking
  • Finalise and agree the ICE Workplan based on CCSG feedback


  • Present a review of progress against the existing ICE Workplan
  • Present any additions or modifications which may have been identified


  • Evaluate progress and success
  • Reassess the key outstanding issues
  • Agree actions and priorities for the following year

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Have a question or feedback?