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Incentive for Connections Engagement

WPD ICE 2021/22

We are now in to the seventh year of the current price control period that runs from 2015 to 2023 known as RIIO-ED1; a regulatory framework set by Ofgem to drive clear outcomes for stakeholders and to provide strong incentives for DNO’s such as WPD to perform well.

Ofgem’s Incentive on Connection Engagement (ICE), introduced under RIIO-ED1, is specifically focused on the area of connections and 2021-22 sees the creation of our seventh annual ICE Plan. Our ICE 2021/22 Plan has a range of initiatives developed in line with our connections strategy, using the input from our broad range of connection stakeholders, through our ongoing programme of stakeholder engagement activities.

This year, more than ever before, we have endeavoured to employ the use of ‘co-creation’, a method under which we try not to influence the outcome but allow stakeholders to form their own actions. This helps us to understand where their priorities are so that we can focus on areas that are really important to them. We are particularly grateful to our Connection Customer Steering Group panel, a group of expert stakeholders from across the spectrum of connections customers, who provide well-informed input into proposed initiatives and help us to refine them in to robust actions.

It is important to us that all of our stakeholders have the opportunity to engage with our ICE Plan, so we value all feedback whether it be from experts or those with limited knowledge of the industry. We aim to make the ICE Plan clear and concise to ensure that it is accessible for all stakeholders and easy to understand. Each Initiative has a target date for completion and a column indicating the measures we will use to identify success. Updates are published quarterly, indicating the status of each initiative so that you can see how we are progressing. Sometimes we will extend the target date for completion but only where it is caused as a consequence of the need for further stakeholder feedback or industry involvement.

The ICE Plan will evolve throughout the year so, where stakeholder engagement identifies further initiatives, we will add them to the ICE Plan. The new initiatives are clearly identifiable when we publish updates so that you can easily track our progress.

If you would like to share your feedback on the ICE 2021/22 Plan, pease contact our Connections Policy Team at

The NEW ICE 2021/22 Plan including our high level Connections Strategy found here.

Current and previous submissions of the ICE Plans and associated appendices can be found below:

ICE Plan

ICE Report

ICE Quarterly Updates


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Have a question or feedback?