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Incentive for Connections Engagement

WPD ICE 2020/21

We value the views and opinions of our connections customers. We continue to receive excellent feedback on content, level of engagement and type of events we host for our connections stakeholders. 

2020-2021 is the sixth year of the eight year business plan period called RIIO-ED1- this stands for Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs for the electricity distribution industry set by the regulator Ofgem. The regulatory framework set by Ofgem designed to drive clear outcomes for stakeholders and to provide strong incentives for WPD. 

ICE is one of the incentives set by Ofgem specifically for the area of connections. The ICE 2020/21 Plan created has a range of initiatives in line with our connections strategy, using the input from our broad range of connection stakeholders through our ongoing programme of stakeholder engagement activities. 

Our Connection Customer Steering Group panel provide input into these initiatives and help us to refine the actions. The initiatives in the ICE 2020/21 Plan designed to provide the changes and improvements required by our stakeholders. The ICE Plan will develop throughout the year where further initiatives being identified and evolving through our stakeholder engagement. The new initiatives are clearly identifiable when we publish updates so that stakeholders can easily track our progress. It is important to us that all of our stakeholders engage with our ICE 2020/21 Plan to ensure that we are meeting their expectations. The ICE Plan is clear, concise and straightforward to ensure that it is accessible for all stakeholders, ensuring the completion of our objectives throughout the regulatory year. Each Initiative has a target date for completion and a column indicating the measures we will use to identify success. Updates published quarterly, indicating the status and progress.

If you would like to share your feedback on the ICE 2020 plan or report, pease contact our Connections Policy Team at

The new ICE 2020 Report is now available:

ICE 2020/21 

ICE 2019/20

ICE Workplan Submission October 2018 Update

2018-2019 Updates 

October 2018 Update

2018 Submission

October 2017 Update

2017/18 Quarterly Updates

2017 Submission

2016 High Level Strategy

October 2016 Re-submission

2016 Submission

October 2015 Re-submission

  • ICE2015 Looking Forward Report

    2015 Looking Forward Report

    PDF / 4 MiB

    We have taken the opportunity to make a resubmission to Ofgem of our ICE Workplan. This resubmission illustrates how our ICE Workplan is progressing and provides an update on the status of the actions we committed to for 2015/16.

2015 Submission (Trial)

  • ICE2014 Part One Trial Submission

    2014 Part One Trial Submission

    PDF / 1 MiB

    WPD's submissions under Ofgem's Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) Trial. The trial is being run ahead of the incentive going 'live' in 2015.

  • ICE2014 Part Two Trial Submission

    2014 Part Two Trial Submission

    PDF / 3 MiB

    As part of the ICE, we must submit two reports; a Part One 'looking forward' report detailing our plans regarding connections engagement and improvements for the coming year and a Part Two 'looking back' report explaining performance against the previous year's plans. For the Trial the two submissions focus on our activities relating to Distributed Generation connections, but also covers our broader connections approach for the year including the CCSG.

Customer feedback for the 2015/16 Workplan advised that WPD could do more to make customers aware of the progress being made against the initiatives in the ICE Workplan. In response, WPD committed to provide regular updates of the Workplan on at least a quarterly basis.

2016/17 Quarterly Updates

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Have a question or feedback?