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Regulatory Financial Performance Reporting (RFPR)

We present the 2019/20 Regulatory Financial Performance Reporting (RFPR) templates and commentary for Western Power Distribution (WPD).  These documents contain information for the four Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) owned by WPD; WPD West Midlands (WMID), WPD East Midlands (EMID), WPD South Wales (SWALES) and WPD South West (SWEST). 

Ofgem introduced Regulatory Financial Performance Reporting (RFPR) in October 2018 and published licensees’ completed 2017/18 RFPR templates for the first time in March 2019. WPD then published the completed 2018/19 RFPR templates in July 2019. The purpose of the RFPR is to provide a framework to allow Ofgem to collect accurate and consistent information from licensed network operators. 

WPD continues to promote transparency of performance and returns as a way of demonstrating the legitimacy of energy network returns. We hope this report provides clear and transparent reporting on WPD’s financial and operational performance, including WPD’s performance against incentives under the RIIO price control arrangements.

Note that these files were updated on 13 October 2020 to reflect a resubmission to Ofgem of WPD's RRP tables. As a result, reported Totex for 2019/20 has been updated in each of the 4 DNOs, although the impact on total Totex for WPD is £nil. Input cells where values have changed have been highlighted in yellow in the tables and detailed in the Change log.


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Have a question or feedback?