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Performance summary 2019/2020

  • Overview of outputs

    Meet Ofgem’s targets for the overall ‘time to quote’ and ‘time to connect’ for single domestic connections and small commercial connections. Improve the overall time taken to provide a quote for all other customer groups by 20%.*(See note 1 below)

    We outperformed Ofgem’s targets for ‘time to quote’ and ‘time to connect’ for single domestic connections and small commercial connections. We have also beaten targets for three of the other customer groups.

    Provide excellent customer service so that customers continue to rank us as the top-performing DNO group in customer satisfaction surveys.(See note 2 below)

    We are one of the top performing DNOs for the Connections Customer Survey in Ofgem’s Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction, scoring an average of 8.99 out of 10 for our DNO group.

    Carry out surveys with distributed generation customers to find out if they are satisfied with our service and identify where we could improve.

    We achieved a score of 9.44 out of 10 for distributed generation customer satisfaction surveys. We have specified a range of improvements within our work plan for the Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE).

  • Overview of outputs

    Develop and improve the way we process online connection applications and make it easier for customers to track the progress of their application online.

    We have made amendments to our online connections information in line with stakeholder requirements. These have been published in our ICE work plan.

    Make sure that the information we provide in documents and online is effective.

    We have improved the information we provide in documents and online in line with stakeholder feedback.

  • Overview of outputs

    Host surgeries every three months to help connection customers to understand our processes.

    241 connection surgeries took place across our four licence areas.

    Work with major customers to identify where our processes can be improved and quickly put in place any changes.

    We engaged with over 17,000 stakeholders through events and over 1,700 through customer satisfaction surveys. The actions in our ICE work plan are based on suggestions we received from these events and surveys.

  • Overview of outputs

    Aim to achieve no failures of the connection GSOPs.(See note 2 below)

    There were only 11 failures against the connection Guaranteed Standards of Performance during 2019/20. We had a further seven failures against Competition in Connection standards, which relate to services we provide that cannot be carried out by competitors.

  • Overview of outputs

    Improve customer awareness of other connection providers and regularly check that customers understand the options available to them.

    We provide clear information for customers explaining that they can use other connection providers. We carry out a yearly survey to measure customer awareness. The 2019/20 survey showed that 87% of customers who had a new connection were aware of other providers.

    Work with other connection providers to extend the type of work they can carry out, including high voltage and reinforcement work.

    We host a group to focus on the specific needs of other connection providers. Two sessions took place during 2019/2020 and we used feedback to improve our processes.

Note 1: This target is for the full eight-year RIIO-ED1 period, not for each separate year.

Note 2: This target is for each year of RIIO-ED1.

Full summary report

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