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Customer satisfaction

Performance summary 2020/2021

  • Overview of outputs

    Continue to be the top-performing DNO group across all elements of the Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction.(See note 2 below)

    WPD is a top-performing DNO group for overall customer satisfaction. The rating combines results of the three surveys for supply interruptions, connections and general enquiries.

    Maintain certification to show that we meet the Customer Service Excellence standard.(See note 2 below)

    We were awarded ‘Compliance Plus’ status for 45 of the 57 standards. We were the highest-scoring organisation out of all those accredited.

  • Overview of outputs

    Respond to phone calls quickly, answering them within two seconds.(See note 2 below)

    Our average response time for customer calls was 5.42 seconds for fault and emergency calls. This falls short of our ambitious target of 2 seconds. The times were affected by the network delays to transfer calls to agents working from home.

    Limit the number of calls that are abandoned before we can answer them to less than 1%.(See note 2 below)

    Only 0.37% of calls were abandoned.

    Always provide customers with the option to talk to a member of staff when they call our contact centre.

    Our systems allow us to make sure that customers are always provided with the option to talk to a member of staff.

  • Overview of outputs

    Provide a restoration time for every power cut.(See note 2 below)

    All power cuts have an estimated restoration time which is updated as further information is provided by field teams.

    Contact all customers who have been in contact about a fault(See note 2 below)

    We contacted 98.28% of customers who contacted us about a fault.

    Contact customers within two days of receiving an enquiry which was not about a fault.(See note 2 below)

    We contacted 99.48% of customers who contacted us with an enquiry which was not about a fault within two days.

    Provide ‘on-demand’ messaging through text and social media for customers who want to be kept informed in other ways, rather than a phone call.

    We provided on-demand messaging through text and social media. We sent 792,862 text messages during high voltage power cuts.

    Develop ‘self-service’ options for customers to find information online.

    We hosted 19,861 webchat conversations, our app for reporting power cuts was downloaded 5,037 times and we had 3.1 million hits on our online map showing details of individual power cuts.

  • Overview of outputs

    Continue to host a customer collaboration panel where our CEO will meet with our expert stakeholders four times a year.

    The Customer Panel met four times during the year. We continued to work with the new Customer Engagement Group to enable the members to challenge our plans for the next price control period.

    Continue to host at least six stakeholder workshops each year.

    We hosted four virtual general sessions, attended by over 220 stakeholders across our licence areas. A further five topic specific sessions were held for 257 stakeholders.

    Continue to produce a stakeholder report every year providing an update on the actions we have taken as a result of stakeholder involvement.

    This yearly Business Plan Commitments summary report and the separate detailed report replace the stakeholder report.

  • Overview of outputs

    Resolve at least 70% of complaints within one day.(See note 2 below)

    We resolved 88% of complaints within one day.

    Continue to have a target of no complaints where the Ombudsman has to get involved.

    There were three complaints referred to the Ombudsman. In all cases the ombudsman did not rule against WPD.

  • Overview of outputs

    Continue to send the Power for Life publication to all 7.9 million customers and make sure it promotes the GSOPs.(See note 2 below)

    We issued ‘Power for Life’ to all customers in March 2021. It included information on GSOPs.

Note 1: This target is for the full eight-year RIIO-ED1 period, not for each separate year.

Note 2: This target is for each year of RIIO-ED1.

Full summary report

RIIO-ED1 Business Plan Commitments summary report

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