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Power cut reductions

Delivering power to you is the very essence of what we do. As electricity plays an increasingly important role in our lives, we understand why keeping the power flowing remains a top priority for you – and for us.

We’ve already reduced the number and length of power cuts experienced by our customers to just one power cut on average every two years, lasting for 24 minutes. But, like our stakeholders, we believe in striving for ongoing improvement – even in areas where we’re leading the way. That’s why we’re committed to going even further to reduce the risk of disruption and inconvenience caused by power cuts.

We’ll be continuing our programme of effective tree management and flood defence mitigation to reduce the impact on the network, as well as ensuring that our network investments are targeted in the most effective way, while also ensuring that our network is resilient to threats from cyber attacks.

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Our commitments to power cut reductions and network resilience:


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RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.