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Your Opinion Matters

27p of your daily electricity bill comes to us at Western Power Distribution.

We provide electricity to 7.9 million customers within the Midlands, South West England and South Wales, everyone of whom deserve to have an opinion on how their money is spent.

We work hard to engage with as many customers as possible via workshops and events throughout the year, this helps us to ensure that we are making the right decisions for you, our customer.

We adopt the widest possible definition of a 'stakeholder', seeking to engage with anyone that has an interest in, or is impacted by, our operations. 

You are therefore a stakeholder and we want to hear from you.


Our Engagement Groups

Find out more about our engagement groups and how you can get involved.

Workshops & Events

We run regular workshops and events to gain the views of our customers.

Customer Panel

Our customer panel discuss a wide range of topics and issues and consists of a variety of members.

How are we delivering?

Ofgem’s SECV Incentive is an annual scheme, which encourages network companies to proactively engage with their customers to deliver a quality service. 

Our Business Plan

Our current business plan covers the period 2015-2023, we are half way through. 

We are now planning for the next business plan period, 2023-2028. 

Find out about our future engagement plans, how we are currently performing and how you can get involved.

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