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Performance summary 2018/2019

  • Overview of outputs

    No improvement notices, prohibition notices and prosecutions from the Health and Safety Executive.(See note 2 below).

    No improvement notices or HSE prohibition notices were issued during 2018/2019.

    Complete work programmes to meet the Electricity, Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) 2002. ESQCR requires that overhead lines are a safe distance from either structures or the ground.

    We have completed the programme for clearance distances to structures for all regions.

    We have completed 100% of the work scheduled in 2018/2019 relating to the required ground clearance distances.

    Complete inspection and maintenance programmes every year.

    We completed the majority of work scheduled for completion during the year. A very small number of tasks could not be carried out due to access issues and we put in place appropriate plans to manage these safely until the work was completed.

  • Overview of outputs

    Reduce our overall rate for the frequency of accidents by 10%.(See note 1 below).

    Our accident rate in 2018/2019 is better than the 10% improvement target set for the whole of RIIO-ED1.

    Continue to play an active part in the ENA's 'Powering Improvement' initiative, which aims to lead to improved safety performance.

    We took part in events designed around the ENA ‘Powering Improvement’ themes, including a review of the relationship and interaction between two key operational roles.

    Work with our trade unions to improve safety performance, including the use of more 'Behavioural Safety' initiatives.

    We carried out further behavioural safety training for staff, after the sessions were initially trialled with trade union representatives.

    Investigate all accidents involving members of the public, contractors or our own staff to make sure that learning points are quickly understood and communicated.(See note 2 below).

    We investigated all 97 incidents that happened during the year (57 staff accidents, 35 contractor accidents and five significant incidents involving the public).

  • Overview of outputs

    Improve security measures at 50 substation sites to reduce the number of repeat break-ins.(See note 1 below).

    To date in RIIO-ED1, the number of repeat break-ins has been lower than expected. We have upgraded security measures at 18 sites that have had repeat break-ins.

  • Overview of outputs

    Organise and run over 1,000 education sessions to provide safety information to over 400,000 school children.(See note 1 below).

    So far in RIIO-ED1, we have delivered a total of 12,727 educational sessions to 305,911 schoolchildren.

    Continue to publish literature on maintaining safety around electrical apparatus and send more than 500,000 copies of this literature to targeted landowners, businesses or leisure operators.(See note 1 below).

    To date in RIIO-ED1, we have issued over 2.5 million safety leaflets, or made these available through social media, to targeted groups.

Note 1: This target is for the full eight-year RIIO-ED1 period, not for each separate year.

Note 2: This target is for each year of RIIO-ED1.

Full summary report

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